'DCC: Making the Team' Season 14, Ep. 9 Recap: A Grand Tour + Boot Shock and a Beautiful Message

It's Getting Down to the Wire on Week Six...

Are you ready for week six of DCC Training Camp?

Episode nine begins with the grandest tour of AT&T Stadium...we mean everything off-limits. Phil takes a group of the rookies behind the scenes to get them extra fired up for what could be a part of their legacy if they make the team.

He starts off with The Perch, the special box where Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones and family watch the game. The Owner's Club and The Jones' Suite were also on the tour, and it ends with a stop in the official DCC Locker Room, which brings the tears for many of the rookies.

All the emotions are happening for these sweet girls!

Week six also signals the first week the girls have been on the field this far into the competition. But before the games begin, Kelli has a special surprise for the girls--a moment of respite and reflection with her personal pastor, Andrew Jackson, Jr., who stopped by to give a word of encouragement and positivity with the ladies.

"Many of the ladies have suffered some personal tragedies," Kelli reveals. Shaina lost three friends in an accident. Savanna has a family member dealing with an illness and Daphne is still reeling from the loss of her grandfather, to name a few.

So Pastor Jackson focused on the subject of Life: how to handle anxiety and stress. Which for him, means sharing your burdens and "the value of supporting each other." These girls have that down to an art. It's so wonderful to see them loving on each other like sisters during such a competitive time.

Then it was back to work for the official field entrance. Now, this is a move you cannot mess up. It's the FIRST time the audience will see you. It's so important. And Kelli and Judy are panicked because this is throwing so many rookies for a loop.

So the veterans help the rookies out and progress is made. Great, right? Kat has appeal on the field, Meredith was just a smidge behind, but powerful.

Kelli then calls the veterans who serve as the group leaders into the office to get their honest opinion about who may or may not be field ready.

Talk about pressure!

But the girls are open and real and Kelli and Judy are so grateful for the insight. Lily gets major props in the room, which seems to be a relief for Kelli and Judy.

Melissa is back and gosh, can we just say again how much we love her?! This week, she's working with Lily, Meredith, and Madeline S. on showmanship: specifically, expression with Lily, style with Meredith and power with Madeline.

She could make anyone feel at ease and every time one of these sessions takes place, the girls always leave feeling more confident.

Meanwhile, we also check in with Christina at her job, and she seems to be finding a new work/dance balance and it's awesome to see her thriving.

So cut back to the field for the moment of all moments: the first time in the famous cowboy boots.

"Boot shock" as Kelli calls it, is inevitable as the girls are accustomed to dancing in their sneakers. But the girls couldn't care less because they're in the boots, y'all! So the kickline kicks off and's a mess.

This is Judy's face officially panicked.

Madeline's kicks were low and Meredith almost took a few vets down with her in a near-fall. And none of this gets easier when the group leaders move into the stands to review.

Spoiler alert: the notes are too many to list. But we're at that point. Meredith, Lily, and Kelcie? Well, let's just say they brought it. And so did Christina.

You go, girls!

So office calls are next, and they only get harder with each week. Lily gets called in for praise and a reminder to show out each time she performs. She is safe for this week.

Madeline S. is next. Kelli and Judy have gone through all of the notes from the season. They adore her, but she needs work on stamina, kicks, power. She's shown improvement, but she's not game day ready. This is going to be her last night this season, but not her last night at DCC. Judy and Kelli strongly encourage her to grow and take more classes and come back next season. She's got what it takes, she needs some time.

Oh, this is hard, y'all. So hard.

Week seven of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team starts next Friday (Oct. 4) at 9 PM ET/8 CT.

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