Matt Stell Celebrates Women in New Song 'Man Made'

Matt Stell: "I knew I wanted to be the one that got to sing this song."

Matt Stell's new single "Man Made" isn't an ode to mamas, but just in time for Mother's Day, he's giving them a lot of credit.

Written by Brett Sheroky and Ian Christian and produced by Stell and Ash Bowers, "Man Made" includes the lyrics: All us boys wanna grow up and make our mamas proud| Find that girl who lifts us up when life gets us down| Behind any guy doing anything right is a woman's work at hand| If a man made anything it's 'cause a woman made that man

"Man Made" is the lead single from Stell's upcoming new project.

"It turns a phrase in an interesting way," the singer says of why the song appealed to him. "It has a melody that makes you want to sing it over and over again. This song also has a positive kind of vibe to it. I think that's really hard in songs to do in a way I find interesting."

Stell says he's more of a sad songs guy, even when he's the happiest. When "Man Made" hit him so hard, he knew it was something he had been missing.

"It stuck with me after I listened to it the first time," Stell explained. "I knew it was special, and I knew I wanted to be the one that got to sing this song and kind of take it to the world."

The 6'7" singer hopes "Man Made" shows his evolution as an artist and promises more on his upcoming project.

"It's like you take a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and you kinda mix it together, and that sort of makes your flavor musically," he said. "The new music is just gonna be a continuation of that. Hopefully, we're getting it dialed in more. I know that we are. It's gonna be a project that I'm really proud of, full of songs that I believe in. At the end of the day, the song is king."

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