Before Music Sam Hunt's First Dream Career Was the Rodeo

"I wanted to get into bull riding...I had spurs and the whole thing," says the "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's" vocalist

“We had goats and calves, I wanted to get into bull riding, so we had some steers out at the cabin. I had spurs and the whole thing. I wanted to rodeo when I got older.” For "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s" vocalist Sam Hunt, a career in country music wasn't necessarily what he originally believed was in the cards for the rest of his life. In a recent Audacy Country interview, Hunt revealed that, in his youth, he was a farm sports enthusiast.

“Every day after school, I would go to a babysitter in elementary school, and they had horses," he continued. “I started riding and showing horses with them...I would ride in some of the shows and I got a horse when I was probably 10. A mustang named Comanche, and then I had a paint horse named Snowball and I had another horse named Jiggalo, which I didn’t name,” he noted with a chuckle.

Sam Hunt is in the midst of completing a follow-up to his 2020-released album Southside, which he has recently offered will be arriving in the next three months. The previously mentioned "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s" has recently ascended to the number-one position on country radio. The October 2020-released track joins "Hard To Forget" and the 2017-released "Body Like A Back Road" as chart-topping hits from his current album.

To Audacy Country upon its release, Hunt noted, "My favorite line from that song is 'Modern love leads to modern hearts breaking. I'm just a product of my generation. It's just a fun kinda simple reflection on how much more difficult it is to be so connected - the downside of being so connected nowadays."

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