Is Sugarland "Still the Same"?

Picking Up Where They Left Off

It's been thirteen years since the world first met Sugarland.

Since their 2004 debut with "Baby Girl," the trio has turned into a duo, made five studio albums, taken a break from the band to work on solo projects, and now, finally, has come back together to make music as a duo again. And the first single of that next much-anticipated chapter is called "Still the Same."

"We are thrilled for fans to hear our new music, especially this single. The title of the song is so meaningful to us," the band's Jennifer Nettles said in a recent radio interview, "as we want fans to know, we are still the same. We are still the same Sugarland they've known and loved."

Sugarland's last album -- The Incredible Machine -- was released more than seven years ago. Their new (untitled) album will be ready sometime in 2018, and they are planning a tour to celebrate being back together.

"We want to finish where we left off," Sugarland's Kristian Bush added.

"We always knew (we) were going to make music again, so this has been the best of both worlds. We were able to take time to feed our personal passions, and we're excited to come back together to create music as a band again," he said.

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