Megan Moroney Confirms It is HIS Shirt in 'Tennessee Orange'

'Tennessee Orange' lyrics: He's got me doing things I've never done| In Georgia they'd call it a sin|I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him

Is she or isn’t she?

Eagle-eyed country music fans noted long ago that one of East Tennessee’s favorite son Morgan Wallen frequently commented on Megan Moroney’s social media posts. Speculation began that her viral hit “Tennessee Orange” is about Wallen. In the song, Moroney sings that she met a boy with blue eyes who doesn’t make her cry. She says he isn’t where she’s from, but he feels like home.

He's got me doing things I've never done| In Georgia they'd call it a sin|I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him

Moroney, for the most part, evaded Storme Warren and co-host Macie Banks’ questions on SiriusXM’s The Highway this week.

“Yeah, I mean it is his shirt,” Moroney admitted.

Warren replied, “There it is.”

“But it's just a shirt,” Moroney explained.

Banks shot back: “And he's just commenting on all your stuff. Yeah. Are you dating anyone?”

The blonde refused to give up any more information.

Moroney replied: “That's a great question.”

Warren said that instead of imposing their own theories, Moroney should “just tell us where the song came from, who it's addressed to, and is it Morgan Wallen's shirt?”

“Are you dating Morgan?” Banks said. “That's the question.”

“Wow, put me on the spot,” Moroney shot back.

Moroney said the song is a true story, and Warren replied that was a good start.

“I'm a Georgia girl and obviously a Georgia Bulldog, so, um, when I put a Tennessee shirt on, it just felt wrong,” Moroney said. “I knew if it felt that wrong then it would probably either be a funny story or a good song to write about. So, I came up with the hook 'in Georgia, they'd call it a sin, I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him and brought it in and we wrote it.”

While Moroney said it is Wallen’s shirt and that it is “just a shirt,” she said she “thinks it's great that people care that much.”

Moroney is confirming another milestone in her life. She just signed a record deal with Sony Music and said that he first full-length album is written and that she will start recording next month.

“I can’t believe this is even an announcement I get to make.. but I signed a record deal last week with Sony Music!!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s because of y’all’s support that I was able to handpick the right team of people for me & my vision so THANK YOU!!! My first full length album is written and I start recording in the studio next month… I’m so excited for the next chapter, love y’all so much!!!! ❤️🧡😭🥳

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