Feature: Angie K Releases "Sunsets" Video

This El Salvador-born and Georgia-raised artist previously released the track "Real Talk"

In her new song, "Sunsets," Angie K uses the gorgeous view of a sunset over the beach as a reminder that no matter what a person's status in life, everyone experiences different struggles and heartaches.

Wе all got our demons, We're all keeping sеcrets, We're all trying to measure, she sings in this song, which was penned by Emily Weisband, Ben Burgess and Jesse Frasure.

This El Salvador-born and Georgia-raised artist previously released the track "Real Talk," captured the attention of executives at SiriusXM, which named her a 'Highway Find' on Sirius XM The Highway. In 2017, her Disney duet with Jordan Fisher, "Happily Ever After," became the soundtrack to the nightly fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.

Angie K told CMT about the making of the video for "Sunsets," which was directed by Ryan Hutchins.

What do you remember most about the day/night you shot this video?

The sunset! We were praying for that gorgeous pink sky. It only comes in full force a few days a month on that beach, and somehow the day we filmed was perfectly on schedule. That sky is one of my favorite views in the world. It’s unreal that we got to capture it for this video.

How does the video bring your song to life?

When I was a kid in El Salvador, I remember playing at the beach with my sisters and a lot of the local kids. Looking back, I realize that many of those kids probably didn’t have much to their name material-wise. But we were all there enjoying the same sun, the same sand, the same sunset and the same joy. That’s what the ocean has always been for me, the great equalizer. It lets me cut all the clutter in my mind and remember that our connection to each other is why we’re here. This music video kind of shows that journey, I start off a little lost but then find my way back.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

That we’re so much more connected than we are different.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

I had so many emotions! Every scene is filled with close friends and family that took the time to go above and beyond to make this a dream come true. Every time I see it I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such good people.

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