Words Hurt The Band Perry

First Criticisms Stand Out to the Band

A dying cat? I don’t hear that at all when I listen to The Band Perry -- their old stuff or their new tunes -- but that was one of the very first bits of criticism they heard, and they still remember it to this day.

It was just about six years ago, according to an interview with the band members in industry publication Country Aircheck, when the band went on a radio tour to promote their debut single “Hip to My Heart.” At a radio station in San Jose, California, they played the song in the conference room, then the station put it on the air to get listener’s feedback.

“The calls started rolling in and two of the phrases I remember are, 'Her voice sounds like a dying cat' and 'She’s the country Britney Spears,’” Neil Perry recalls of the way people responded to his big sister Kimberly’s voice.

“We could tell our buddies at the station were like, 'Well, that’s enough calls for now,'” Kimberly said.

Things have changed for the Perrys since those early days in 2009. So much so that their live show now calls for some pretty cheap jewelry.

"My last impulse buy was a ring. We’re pretty energetic performers and I never wear my wedding ring because I’m scared I’m going to sling it off," Kimberly said. "So I recently bought a little band to wear onstage."

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