CMT Premiere: Karissa Ella Captures Despair in Video For "Whiskey Whispers Your Name"

Karissa Ella cleaned out her apartment to give videographers a clean slate to start filming her new music video

Karissa Ella had to clean her apartment before shooting the video for her song "Whiskey Whispers Your Name."

And not just clean it a little bit. The Ohio native had to clean out her apartment.

"Filming the video took a very long time," Ella said. "It might not look like a lot of work, but it involved clearing out my whole apartment, lots of lighting, and a green screen. We had many laughs throughout the day, so time just flew by. It took lots of coffee and whiskey to finish this video, but it was worth it!"

Videographers Justin Mayotte and Travis Flynn helped Ella transform her apartment into a blank canvas for their simple, emotional video.

The singer hopes the clip captures the despair of someone "who is really struggling to get over a relationship."

"I hope fans keep listening and find comfort in my music," Ella said.

Ella wrote "Whiskey Whispers Your Name" with Conner Sweet and Lydia Dall about getting over a relationship and avoiding the things that might trigger you to call your ex. Alex Seier produced the song.

"In my song, the trigger is whiskey, and the video shows an apartment that goes from empty to full, which symbolizes the memories coming back with every sip of whiskey," she said. "It was a really hard concept to film, but they crushed it!"

Ella said seeing the final video was "so exciting."

"All our hard work turned out great, and I can't wait to see what fans think," she said.

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