Keep an Eye Out for Ryan Calhoun's "Stolen Car"

"I think the twist in the video makes it interesting," he says.

Looking back on the video shoot for "Stolen Car," Ryan Calhoun says what he remembers the most is getting to drive a '67 Chevelle. However, viewers may be left with a different impression. He notes, "I think the twist in the video makes it interesting, you'll have to watch to see!"

Based in Nashville and Atlanta, and with multiple TV placements in shows like The Kardashians, Calhoun adds that he wants people to enjoy the aesthetics of the video and sing along with the chorus, too. Asked how it felt to see the finished product, he replied, "It was great, the crew was awesome, we had a such a fun day of shooting and I was so happy with the way it turned out."

Sonngwriters: Ryan Calhoun, Rob Giles, Rich Jacques

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