'Party Down South' Creator SallyAnn Salsano Takes You Behind the Season 4 Premiere

The Season that Won't Slow Down

The Party Down South season premiere was chalk full of excitement. With the blow-out fight between Hott Dogg and Tiffany, and Lauren's Walt-induced temper tantrum, it's safe to say this season is going to be epic.

But don't take my word for it. Creator SallyAnn Salsano has the inside scoop on all the Southern-fried drama.

We HAVE to talk about the fight. What did the crew think about all of it? Looked like so many people had to break it up. More than just Murray, and that's saying something!

Well, in all honesty, we hate fights and seeing two roommates go at it like this was even harder. We knew there was tension coming in but didn't think he would get so heated so quickly. It for sure sets the tone for the rest of the season. It starts off with a bang and rarely slows down. Buckle up!

Is Hott Dogg still talking to Cody? What relationship advice would you give her?

You'll have to stay tuned to find out but as a woman, I always caution anyone to start a relationship with someone who is currently in one. Not saying it can't work but I always suggest that you proceed with serious caution if that is how the relationship is starting. That guy might do the same to you.

Then, we have Lauren. After Walt sends her into a tailspin, she stomps around the house looking for her phone book. Did she ever find it? And, were her ta-tas out most of the time she was yelling?

I think she forgot she was looking for a phone book. And yes, her girls were out most of the time. After several minutes of her tailspin, we thought we may have to register them as lethal weapons.

Anything else happen that we didn't get to see?

Well, what you saw was in the first eight hours. If that's the first eight hours, you can't even imagine what is coming up. It doesn't slow down.

What should the fans be most excited about?

It is an intense season. Love, hate, fights, hook-ups oh and an engagement for Lyle. This is by far the most intense season of party down south yet and i'm not just saying that. The crew will tell you, everyday was something else with these knuckleheads.

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