CMT Premiere: Curt Chambers Debuts "Say My Name," A Tribute Track To His Mother

Curt Chambers: "I wrote this song for my mother to show her that I have come far from that little boy."

Like many individuals, Grammy Award winner Curt Chambers wants to make his parents proud. The genre-bending musician, known for his impressive fusions of country, rock, gospel, and hip hop – released "Say My Name," a tribute track dedicated to his mother, Sharon.

The Philadelphia native penned the vulnerable single alongside multi-platinum artist Chris Young and Christian Davis Stalnecker. Chambers left his heart and soul on the writing table, as he dug deep to convey a personal story about his childhood. While plucking away at his acoustic guitar and displaying his infectious vocals, Chambers recalls his disruptive adolescent behavior.

The razor-sharp lyrics that describe Chambers' growth as a man, are destined to spark a chill down listeners' spines. The seasoned singer-songwriter explains that he would like to hear his mother use his full name in a better light than in the past.

"Always getting in trouble at school|I always needed a talking too | Said I was good at being bad | I was trying to find what I was good at," he sings before breaking into the chilling chorus. "Got a little bit wiser | Got a little bit older | I know you've been praying and it's time that I told you | I wanna change, the way you say my name," he belted with emotion.

The cross-country artist placed his producer hat on to bring his coming-of-age narrative to life. Chambers told CMT that the music video for "Say My Name" quickly turned into a family affair, when he called in his nephew to play his younger self. Throughout the state-of-the-art clip, Chambers recalls specific moments during his upbringing.

"I loved watching my nephew be the younger version of myself. He did a great job," he explained about the flashback scenes.

While transporting fans back in time and displaying his unruly actions, Chambers sings about experiences that turned him into the person he is today. Chambers says that the snippets stitched together are a realistic representation of his life.

"It is my life. I wrote this song for my mother to show her that I have come far from that little boy who was my Mom's version of Dennis the Menace," he declared. "It was a personal song, and it just made me happy and grateful for my progress in life and everyone who has supported me."

Chambers hopes fans feel a sense of nostalgia when they watch the video for the first time or it encourages them to thank the significant people in their lives.

"I hope they go back and appreciate the love they had from their parents and community," he concluded.

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