BRELAND Joins With Keith Urban For New Single "Throw It Back"

The country-twerk track follows the pair's previously released song "Out The Cage"

Regarding his latest single, "Throw it Back," BRELAND notes via a press release that it's the first song that he and Keith Urban ever worked on together. "Despite it being so sonically left of center, he immediately recognized it as a special song and started adding his iconic flavor to the record,” the rising pop-country singer-songwriter says. "You’ll be able to feel my and Keith’s energy flowing not only on the song but in the video, which we helped shape together as well. With the world finally opening up, and live music coming back, I feel like we’ve got a real summer anthem on our hands," he adds.

Related to "Out The Cage," the track Urban released with BRELAND in April 2021, he said at the time, “When [Breland and I] were writing the song, I said, ’I really, really want this to be a song that speaks to liberation of all sorts,’ even if that’s somebody in a dead-end job, somebody that’s stuck relationship that’s going nowhere and they can’t get out, someone who’s sort of imprisoned in their own mind. You know, that line, ’In my mind’s eye lies the key that’ll open the door / You can’t break me, there’s a new day coming,’ is just trying to take back that power inside all of us, to keep pushing outwards and breaking out of any confinement.”

If looking to see BRELAND soon, he will perform with Mickey Guyton at Wednesday, June 9th's 2021 CMT Music Awards. The duo has recently released a duet version of BRELAND’s self-discovery anthem, “Cross Country.”

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