Morgan Evans on His 'Nashville Firsts'

What It Was Like to Settle in in Music City

Morgan Evans didn't grow up in Nashville. He didn't even grow up near Nashville. Evans was raised a good 9,000 miles away, in New South Wales all the way down under in Australia. But eventually, his passion for country music lured him to Tennessee. And when I had the chance, I asked Evans about some of his firsts when he arrived in Nashville.

First Home: "When I got here, I lived in a friend's house over in Bellevue. Because when you move to a new country, you forget that you have no credit history at all. So nobody would rent me a place. This friend let me stay at his house until I could build up credit. And I loved it. It was a really quiet street, and I remember sitting in the kitchen every morning trying to come up with an idea for that day. Some times it's hard, but other times, it's a little easier, and you have a list of ten things to write about that day."

First Job: "I didn't need to get one right away. I'd had enough success in Australia -- singing and being on TV -- that I had money saved up to move here and not have to work. Which is good because the visa I got -- when they call you an 'alien of extraordinary ability' -- that means that you're literally only allowed to work in music or TV. So I didn't have to go hustle for a job straight up."

First Song: "I've probably written about 300 songs since I got here, and some of them are great. But so many of them some are just a blur."

First Run-In with a Hero: "I did my first red carpet just last year at the CMA Awards in 2017. I was doing an interview with the Australian channel I used to work for. And the only ones left on the red carpet were Keith Urban and Garth Brooks. Everyone was trying to get us to go inside, but I was standing on that carpet with just them, so I was like, 'This is the best moment of my life. I'm not leaving.'"

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