Carrie Underwood: Biker Chick

"Well, it's not every day @mirandalambert buys you a motorcycle! Next stop, motorcycle driving lessons!!! #RansTheBest."

That was Carrie Underwood's tweet on Saturday (May 24), and as of right now, that tweet is one of her most retweeted.

We'll talk about the motorcycle gift in a second. But that tweet and the accompanying photo has 1,674 retweets, 6,644 favorites and too many replies to count. All of them very much in favor of this new biker-chick side of Underwood.

So why is everyone so in love with it?

I have a couple of theories.

One, the picture paints a thousand words. Maybe more. Underwood is sitting on the bike with hardly any makeup on, her hair is down and undone, and she's in bare feet. It's like we're all getting to see her as if we'd collectively turned up on her driveway unannounced one day.

And two, I think just like everyone loves a good romance -- or bromance -- country fans really love it when girls band together. So the fact that Lambert gave Underwood such an extravagant gift -- most likely to celebrate their duet on Lambert's upcoming album "Something Bad" -- means the friendship is real and not just some record label publicity stunt.

But don't start scouring the streets of Nashville for Underwood on the bike just yet, though. She'll need to apply for a Class M license, which sounds like a no-brainer if you already have a valid Tennessee driver license and complete the Tennessee Certified Motorcycle Rider Education Program.

The only thing that could make this even cooler is if Underwood got that license and rode in the next Dierks Bentley Miles & Music for Kids event.

Ran's the best, indeed.

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