WATCH: Jake Owen's "Made for You" Is Made for All of You

His Home Movies + Your Home Movies = Hearts Exploding with Joy

No matter how many outstanding videos a country artist makes in his or her lifetime, the ones with home videos will always trump the others.

Because getting a glimpse into their real life, even just for a few minutes, makes you feel connected to a song on a whole new level. It worked wonders for Keith Urban in his "Without You" video and for Taylor Swift in her "The Best Day" video. And now, Jake Owen is showing up to share his life at home.

"This is a song about love. Love for people and moments in our lives. You all shared examples of those moments in your life and some of them are in this video," his "Made for You" video says at the start.

"Made for You" -- written by Benjy Davis, Joey Hyde and Neil Medley -- shows Owen, his daughter Pearl, his girlfriend Erica Hartlein, and their baby Paris just being themselves around the house and on their property in Kingston Springs (and a little bit at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in downtown Nashville).

But it's not just all about Owen. His fans submitted their own home videos for the video, and they are just as touching as Owen's.

"I was looking for love of all different types and representations. There were so many submissions (so it was) hard to choose," Owen told People.

"As a performer, just getting to perform my songs to a live audience every night on the road, you really see how every song starts out with a story from how it's written at first, but it evolves," he said, "and becomes a different story with a different meaning to each of those people in the audience listening to it/singing it back to you.

"It means something different to each person but still resonates with them in some way, and we wanted to represent that," Owen said of the ballad. "We wanted to feel like people saw themselves in the story, because when they adopt it to their own narrative, it becomes part of their story in their lives too."

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