Is Carrie Underwood About to Release New Music?

Carrie Underwood says she can't spill the beans - yet. But she can drop hints!

Carrie Underwood “did a thing” and she’s ready for people to know about it.

Monday night, Underwood told a group of journalists that even though it’s been more than three years since she released her last studio country album, she’s “always working on something.”

“Obviously, we can’t spill too many beans right now, but my fans know what I mean when I say soon,” Underwood said. “Soon. They actually hate it when I use that word, because they’re like, ‘What does that mean?’ But it’s been busy, for sure.”

Underwood’s last country album “Cry Pretty” was released in 2018 and home to its title track “Cry Pretty,” “Southbound” and “Love Wins.” But her most recent multi-week No. 1 hit came via her award-winning Jason Aldean duet, “If I Didn’t Love You.” The song is from Aldean’s double album collection “Macon, Georgia.”

Aldean told CMT he had wanted to work with Underwood for a long time but that he was waiting for the right song to send her. When he heard “If I Didn’t Love You,” he couldn’t hit the button fast enough.

Aldean’s bandmembers Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy teamed with John Morgan and Lydia Vaughn to write “If I Didn’t Love You” specifically for Aldean to sing with Underwood. Aldean loved it immediately and sent it to his manager, declaring: “We finally have the song.”

He was two days away from being finished tracking the album, but they sent the song to Underwood, and she loved it, too.

“From the time they wrote it until it had her vocal on it, and it was getting mixed was two-and-a-half weeks,” he said. “It happened really quick.”

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