Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood: The Story Behind “In Another’s Eyes”

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s chart-topping duet “In Another’s Eyes” turns 25

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their seminal duet “In Another’s Eyes” this week. The pair chatted about the song on Brooks’ Inside Studio G Monday night. Come to find out, Brooks was nearly staring into another female singer’s eyes during the song.

“People think that this song was written for me and you to sing – that’s how much of a duet [it is],” he said. “They don’t understand the song was already there. I was like, ‘Is there any way we can make it more personal?’”

That’s when famous keyboardist Bobby Wood said, ‘Hey, this would make a helluva duet.’ And I went, ‘You know what?’”

Wood asked Brooks who he was thinking about, and Brooks said: “Trisha Yearwood - hands down.”

However, Yearwood was initially too busy to record the song, so Brooks tracked with another band and female singer.

Eventually, the couple made the scheduling work, and “In Another’s Eyes” became a No. 1 hit. The song was included on Yearwood’s album “Songbook” and gave Brooks a platform when he was in the midst of tense negotiations with his record label.

“I was at war with the label…and I couldn’t get any traction or any help whatsoever,” he said. “Miss Yearwood put on her cape…came in…and saved the day for me.”

Then Brooks told Yearwood: “You saved my life not only as husband and wife…but I think that saved the career.”

Now Brooks wants them to be known as “a duet couple.”

“To do that, we need to record some more duets,” Yearwood said. “Any chance to sing with you, I will take,” Brooks shot back.

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