George Strait's First Tour Van Is Still on the Road!

Can You Imagine a Young King George Driving This Thing?

Everybody's got to start somewhere, even (King) George Strait.

He's got access to private jets and the finest touring coaches nowadays, but back in the early '80s when he was just getting his start, he was tooling around the Southwest in this bare-bones Dodge van.

A writer for the Music of New Braunfels website spotted it outside of the famous Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas, on Monday night (Feb. 9).

With room for his gear and a cot, Strait must have spent hundreds of nights on the road in this thing.

It might not look like much, but I bet it felt like a straight-up limo back then.

Check out his collection of bumper stickers. Since the van's interior looks pretty beat up, I bet they're original.

What an awesome piece of country music history. I wonder if Strait even knows it's still around?

Check out the original Facebook post.

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