David Nail Was Ready With Baby Name Years Ago

How He Called Dibs on Lawson

Lawson is David Nail’s mother’s father’s name. And he made it very clear to his wife Catherine, when they were just starting to date, that their son would have to be named after his grandfather.

“One of the very first dates I went on with Catherine," Nail told, "I told her hypothetically, ‘If this continues and we have kids and if we have a son, the name is going to be Lawson. It’s non-negotiable.’ I think that anybody in my family kind of knew I had dibs because I am the last grandchild to have children."

Then he realized that boy or girl, this baby was going to be named Lawson. It just meant that much to Nail to carry on that name.

“If we’re blessed to have a child, it’s going to be Lawson - boy or girl," he recalled. "[Catherine] was like, ‘I love that idea.' And so when we found out we were going to have two, we knew we were going to have a Lawson and we had to come up with another name.”

He left that one up to his wife, who has a great aunt Lillian, a very well-to-do southern lady.

“She was classy and conservative, and Catherine always kind of admired that about her," he said. "I can remember calling her father just to confirm that those traits were accurate, and her dad was very quick to say that that was very much how she was."

Lawson and Lillian will turn one on December 12.

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