Carly Pearce: "It's a Really Beautiful Thing"

Sharing Every Little Thing With Her Parents

Country artists are always so good about thanking all of their fans for all of their fame. But what about their OG fans? The ones who made up their first audience, founded their unofficial fan club, and started a grass roots campaign about their music.

You know. Their parents?

In a new interview with, Carly Pearce opens up about her own parents and why she is eternally grateful for them.

"My parents and I are so close. We're best friends. I'm an only child. And they let me quit high school," Pearce said, "and they cry every time they talk about it."

She said that both her mom and her dad randomly text her good vibes. "'We did it. We did it. You did it,'" she explained. "It's a really beautiful thing. I get to share in that with my parents. I get to share in that with my friends from back home that always knew me as the girl that wanted to do this since I was in elementary school."

Other supporters in Pearce's inner circle are her late grandparents: "My grandparents were very, very close with me. I was the only grandchild. They've passed on, but my album is dedicated to them. I took on the Pearce name to keep it alive for them and honor them." And her best friend back home in Kentucky: "My best friend, in 2012 when I lost my first record deal, and I was looking at apartments in my home area, cried to me and told me, 'You can't move home. I won't let you. You're supposed to do this.' And she's still my best friend."

Because Pearce says she has always wanted to be a voice of country music, she feels responsible to keep that going. "That's my heart, I feel like I began and will die in country music. But, I hope that my friends from home, my family and my band, anybody who's around me, will say that I'm the same girl the way that I feel Dolly (Parton) is the same. I feel Reba (McEntire) is the same. I feel Trisha Yearwood is the same and I want to be like that," she said.

Her inner circle is bound to grow as Pearce adds more and more dates to her 2018 touring schedule, when she will be opening for Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, and Rascal Flatts.

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