Leftover Salmon's Vince Herman Goes Solo For The First Time with "Enjoy the Ride"

Vince Herman: "It's absolutely a new thing and way different than anything I've done with Leftover Salmon."

Three decades into his music career, Leftover Salmon's Vince Herman is veering in a new direction. Herman, singer for the bluegrass fusion group, decided to try making music alone – for the first time - during the pandemic.

"Enjoy the Ride," his 12-song album, is out now on LoHi Records.

"It's absolutely a new thing and way different than anything I've done with Leftover Salmon," Herman said. "I've kind of considered Leftover Salmon a country band. One of the intentions with this record was to make my idea of what country music is to me. It involves Cajun music, bluegrass, all that stuff that is country right now."

Herman didn't intend to make a solo album. During the pandemic, he got in his RV and started driving in what he calls his "own little bubble" around the country.

He was on the road for approximately five months and spent about six weeks of it in Nashville. He bumped into several songwriters who helped him carve out "Enjoy The Ride."

Donnie and Chris Davisson of the Davisson Brothers Band and George Strait's manager Erv Woolsey were all part of the group. They had one writing session where they wrote six songs in one day.

"All these great writers that I've been hanging with that just made it clear this is where I needed to be and came up with their style songs that needed to be put on something. So, at the young age of 60, I decided to start a solo career."

"Lost Lover's Eyes" is one of Herman's favorite songs on the album. He wrote it with Pat McLaughlin, Jon Prine's guitarist,  and he said he has "John Prine vibes."

It's the story of meeting an old lover, and I think something that people can imagine experiencing," he said. "It has just been a brand new experience for me to make a record in this way rather than touring with a band and doing all that stuff. To show up in Nashville and have somebody write a chart and these brilliant studio musicians who just realized these songs just blew me away."

"Enjoy the Ride" Track Listing:

1. Lost Lover's Eyes

2. Flying

3. The Ride

4. Coraleen

5. Rattlesnake

6. Any Other Way

7. I'd Rather Be Alone

8. Better Way

9. Lately

10. Old Pictures

11. All Outta Love Songs

12. Drinking Alone

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