'Nashville': Qs You Might Have If You're New to the Show [SPOILERS]

Welcome to the Fold

If one of your new year's resolutions is to get into Nashville, then you are on the right track to making this year way better than 2016. And if you have limited time to catch up on all the juicy drama in seasons 1-4, don't you worry your pretty little head, we've got you covered. Here's a step-by-step guide to catching up in a flash:

Step #1

Watch the season premiere sneak peek, which is the first hour of the two-hour season premiere. You'll probably have lots of Qs.

Step #2

It's cool because we've put together a few Q's we assume you'll have after watching the sneak.

When we see Juliette on the plane, where is she going?

A. Let's back up a bit: Before Juliette even gets on this plane, she's at the Oscar's on the red carpet for her movie nominated Shenandoah Girl. While she's explaining her personal struggles with postpartum depression, she realizes she cares more about Avery and her baby way more than the fame. So she decides in that moment to forgo the ceremony and head back home to Nashville and meet Avery and the baby at the airport. And yes, Avery is the father of her child.

After Rayna arrives at her hotel room in Silicon Valley, she has a panic attack. What's up with that?

A. Mostly, it's because she recently heard of Juliette's plane crash. However, her record label isn't doing so hot. She's only taking the show in Silicon Valley because she needs the money, and her record label needs the money. The panic attack could very well be compounding stress from everything else in her life.

Then, we have Scarlett and Gunnar. Why are they hanging out at Rayna and Deacon’s house? How are they so close with the family?

A. Scarlett is Deacon's niece -- she's his sister's daughter. Scarlett lived with Deacon for a while, and when this season opens, she's been half living at Deacon's because her and Gunnar just got back together. And the relationship between Scarlett and Deacon has always been really close so it makes sense that they'd call her and Gunnar to watch the kids.

And also, Maddie is actually Deacon's daughter, which makes Scarlett and Maddie cousins. FYI - Maddie and Daphne are Rayna's daughters. Since Deacon is married to Rayna, this means Maddie and Daphne are half sisters but they consider themselves real sisters. Daphne's dad is Teddy.

Also, what's up with Scarlett and Gunnar's relationship?

A. Watch their relationship recap.

Side note: Bet you think Zach Wells is going to be a lot of trouble for Rayna with that whole shiver comment? We feel ya. But then again, that preview at the end of the sneak makes it look like he’s a crazy stalker! At least, it looks like that's him that’s screaming for her. Maybe not? We shall see…

Step #3

Tune in Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT for the two-hour season premiere only on CMT -- that should help. And follow the conversation on Twitter by using #NashvilleCMT.

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