'My Dysfunctional Family' Premieres July 5 on CMT

Dave Vitalli Brings Troubled Teens, Wayward Parents Back From Brink of Disrepair

My Dysfunctional Family, an eight-episode series featuring commando-turned-family-fixer Dave Vitalli, premieres July 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CMT, the network announced Tuesday (May 27).

The series centers on Vitalli's efforts to bring troubled teens and their sometimes wayward parents back from the brink of disrepair. Struggling parents call him for help with their difficult teenagers, but years of experience working with families in crisis have taught him the apple doesn't usually fall far from the tree. Each episode finds the parents under as much scrutiny as their kids as he digs out the truth to set these families straight.

Vitalli's brand of tough love won't be found in any textbook, but his own troubled childhood is a driving force for him to help teens in need. My Dysfunctional Family takes him cross-country to such cities in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia and Louisiana where he helps families deal with complex issues ranging from addiction to abandonment.

Each episode finds him working with a new family and a new set of issues. Armed with lie detectors, drug-sniffing dogs and other surprise tactics, his commitment and sometimes controversial tactics give struggling families hope for a fresh start.

Through his own New York-based security and investigations company, Vortek International, Vitalli is accustomed to working in hostile environments through his consulting work both nationwide and overseas. A survivor of abuse himself, he is passionate about mentoring troubled teens and has counseled hundreds of families in crisis as he appeared in more than 275 episodes on the syndicated TV show Maury.

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