WATCH: Luke Combs Surprises Drew Parker With Grand Ole Opry Invitation

Drew Parker is a co-writer on Combs' "Forever After All" and Jake Owen's "Homemade"

Luke Combs might be breaking sales records left and right with his albums and consistent string of No. 1 country radio hits, but he's also keen on sharing the spotlight with others rising through the ranks.

Combs recently surprised Drew Parker, a co-writer with Combs on Combs' hit "Forever After All" and an artist in his own right, with news that Parker will soon be making his Grand Ole Opry debut on Sept. 14, 2021.

In a video clip Parker shared via Instagram, Combs is sitting with Parker on a tour bus at a tour stop in Nebraska, and casually surprises his co-writer with the news.

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“Really another high five-able moment is when on Sept. 14, you make your Grand Ole Opry debut,” Combs tells Parker.

Clearly confused, Parker replies, "What?"

“That’s going to be another high five-able moment,” Combs says, while Parker responds, “You’re kidding me?”

Combs reconfirms the news, saying, “Not kidding pal...I'm not pal," as Parker leans forward in disbelief, shedding tears at the news. In sharing the video via Instagram, Parker later captioned the video with "Sorry but not sorry about the crying."

“Out here crying in Nebraska,” Combs said humorously. "'Tears in Nebraska,' we’ll write that one. Congrats dude."

In addition to co-writing "Forever After All," Parker is also a co-writer on Combs' "1, 2 Many" and Jake Owen's "Homemade." He recently released his own music with “While You’re Gone,” the title track of Parker’s latest EP.

Combs made his own Opry debut performance back in 2016, and on July 16, 2019, was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

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