WATCH: Ian Munsick Beautifully Marries Native American Heritage with Cowboy Culture in New Video "White Buffalo"

Ian Munsick: "A huge connection between cowboys and natives is the horse. We really try and highlight that in this video."

Ian Munsick says he "freaked out" when he saw the new video for his song "White Buffalo" because he knew the clip would be breathtaking after the two days they spent filming near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It didn't disappoint.

"The people were so easy to work with, but the first time I saw it, I knew that we had captured the essence of what the music is about," Munsick said. "That is always the goal when you're making a music video. So, I'm really excited to share it with the rest of the country music community."

The video is rich with gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and bright pink skies behind the silhouettes of the mountains. There are galloping horses, roping and the bright colors of fall dot the leaves on the trees in the mountains.  

"There's just the beautiful Teton Mountains in the background, and all of the characters in the video are my friends from the Wyoming and Montana area," Munsick said. "We really had a great time filming it."

Munsick said they took a chance and shot the video in October, which was a risk because it could be snowy, but they got lucky.

"It's the most beautiful time of year to be out there," he said. "All the colors of the leaves and the river, then the mountains. It's hard to make it look bad."

It was also crucial to Munsick to spotlight Native Americans in the video so all of the characters in the clip have that ancestry. Two actors are from The Blackfeet Nation, and another is from the Crow Tribe. Both tribes are from the Wyoming and Montana area.

"It was really important for us to incorporate their culture, not only musically through this album, but also visually through, through the music video," Munsick said. "Native American culture has a huge influence on cowboy culture in the west, but not a lot of people know that because not a lot of people highlight it."

Munsick was born a couple of miles from the Crow Reserve on the border of Wyoming and Montana, so honoring them and their culture also felt like he was celebrating his heritage.

The singer hopes people who watch his video see the influence Native Americans have had on cowboys.

"The Native Americans where I'm the from are the best horsemen really in the world," he said. "That's a huge connection between cowboys and natives is the horse. We really try and highlight that in this video. So I hope that they see a part of the West that they don't see through Hollywood and that they don't to get to experience on a screen anywhere else."

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