Chris Janson's Boat Would Be Icing on the Cake

Wife and Kids Come First

If all you did was listen to Chris Janson’s hit song “Buy Me a Boat,” you might think he was getting his priorities mixed up. Like he'd make buying a boat one of his life's goals. But I’ve met him. And his wife. And I know for sure that Janson would only buy a boat after he’d done everything for his family first.

And in an interview with Billboard, Janson says he’s not exactly the guy in the song.

"It's all about my wife and kids, man. Anything else is just icing on the cake. I've never cared about how I look, what I say, any of that. It's all about how you feel and how you wake up and if you're a good human at the end of the day," Janson said. "All the other stuff, I let it fall into place. I've always lived my life like that. I plan on continuing to live my life like that.

But come on. If he did earn a couple million dollars, would there be a boat?

"I don't have a boat. I don't sail. I wouldn't know the first thing about a boat except how to get on it and how to not wreck. I never even thought about buying one. I'm just hoping somewhere along the line one will just appear in my life,” Janson admitted, adding that the song just represents “how we roll when we wake up in the day.”

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