Maddie & Tae Expect Tears During Grand Ole Opry Debut

"Girl in a Country Song" Duo Prepare to Face Their Most Important Audience Yet

If you're attending the Grand Ole Opry's Tuesday night (Sept. 23) performance, brace yourselves. Maddie & Tae are coming for you.

The sassy new duo making waves on the scene with their bro-country call-out single "Girl in a Country Song" will be making their Opry debut.

Few moments stick with a country artist quite like your first performance on the Opry. That seems to be a unanimous feeling among everyone who's been lucky enough to take their first walk on the famous stage. It's the home of country music. It's legendary. It's historic. That moment inside the hallowed Opry circle represents a full circle moment for so many performers.

And that's true for Maddie & Tae. Don't let their tender ages fool you. They're well aware of the magnitude of this moment. The moment is so important, they told me they're bringing their entire clans up to witness it all.

The duo's Maddie Marlow gushed in our recent chat, "My Clampett family, they are coming up!"

Marlow's other musical half, Tae Dye, says her dad is almost as excited as she is and wants to sit on the stage.

"There are little pews behind where we're gonna be singing," Dye said. "He's like, 'I wanna sit on that! I wanna see what you are seeing!' I'm like, 'OK, Daddy!'"

His pride is understandable. It's a moment for their families, too, seeing their daughters living out such a dream. Let's be real here. The sacrifices made to make this dream a reality don't start on Music Row. They start at home with supportive and loving families like those of Marlow and Dye.

So it's safe to say, there will be tears all around.

"Oh, I'm gonna be a hot mess!" Marlow said. "I'm gonna be crying like a dang baby. Either before or after. Hopefully after, so I then I can sound good."

"And it doesn't ruin our makeup," Dye jokes.

It wasn't long ago, on one of her first trips to Nashville, that Dye remembers watching Kellie Pickler and Vince Gill from the house pews, soaking in the magic as a fan.

"We were just sitting in the audience, just admiring the stage and the people up there performing and so to actually be the ones performing is crazy," Dye said.

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