CMT Roundup: New Music from Keith Urban, Jenna Paulette, Scotty McCreery and more

Find this week's newest country songs on CMT's Roundup playlist.

Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and Scotty McCreery join newcomers including Jenna Paulette, Kassi Ashton, Walker Montgomery and others in releasing new music this week that country fans will definitely want to add to their playlists. Hear these songs and more on CMT's The Roundup.

Kenny Chesney, “Guilty Pleasure”: “I have absolutely never heard a song like this... ever,” Chesney says, “and I’ve heard a lot of songs! It’s such an unusual, fresh way to come at something you think you know and have heard everything all about. And then something falls out in a writing session, everyone looks at each other – and you all say, ‘OH! We’re writing that.’”

Keith Urban, “Messed Up As Me”: “Let’s put it this way,” says Urban. “Most of us have been in dysfunctional relationships before, where there’s not a lot of compatibility, except for that one area where it’s so good you put up with all the rest.  A phone call or a night out and you’re right back where you shouldn’t be.”

Jenna Paulette, “Darlin’”: “It’s easy when you’re young to meet someone who tells you things that aren’t true about yourself and to believe him until, slowly, he chips away at who you are,” Paulette says. “If that’s you, I hope this song provides comfort knowing you’re not alone, stirs the courage inside of you to walk away, and offers the reassurance that something better awaits you.”

Walker Montgomery and Randy Rogers, “Never Again One More Time”: “I want to thank Randy Rogers for hopping on this song with me,” Montgomery said. “ It has always been one of my favorites and having him join me just gives it a whole new life.”

Kassi Ashton, “Called Crazy”: “This wasn't a fancy hook or Nashville flip I had going into my co-write with Jared Keim and Emily Weisband. This was just one single, universal bit of truth that I think all women would agree with; any man who has ever called me crazy, has called me again,” Ashton said. “After explaining it to them, Emily sang ‘I never been called crazy by a man who didn't come back’ just as you hear the melody in the song. I looked at her and sang ‘for more.’ We knew we had a smash and freaked out until the last word was written. I've been playing this out live here and there for the past six months and the screams I get from the women of the crowd after the first chorus hits tells me I was right in my assumption. Whether you want to pick up the phone when they call again, that's for ‘crazy’ you to decide.”

Scotty McCreery, “Slow Dance”: “I am not the greatest at doing social media, but my team encourages me to do it,” explains McCreery. “A few months back, I was waiting on some hibachi takeout and listening to the new tracks in my truck. I filmed a quick video of me singing along with ‘Slow Dance’ and posted it on my socials, picked up my takeout food, and went home to eat dinner with Gabi. I looked at my phone that evening and the song had blown up; it’s now my most watched TikTok video to date. Over the last few weeks, anytime I post a photo on social media, the response I get back is ‘that’s great…so when are you putting ‘Slow Dance’ out?’ I’m excited to finally put it out!!”

Kaitlin Butts, “Hunt You Down”: “The first time I heard ‘Hunt You Down,’ I quickly identified with it,” explains Butts. “It’s a love song about making sure that someone is committed to you, but also threatening a little murder too. I think most folks would agree that’s very on-brand for me. As I move into the next chapter of my music, and coming off my more serious previous record, I wanted to make an impact with a song that makes you laugh, have fun, but also comes with a thinly veiled threat.”

Albums out today:

Trey Lewis, “Troublemaker”: “I feel like everything I’ve been through in my life has built up to this moment. I feel like these songs really represent where I’ve been and what I’ve been through," says Lewis. "I believe there is something on this album for every listener, whether this is their first time hearing me or they’ve been a fan for years. My hope is that people can relate to it and play it and then play it again and again and again.”

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