Worley Branches Out With “Family” Video

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Darryl Worley put in a full day on the video shoot for his new DreamWorks single, “Family Tree.” was there to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video and spent a few minutes with Worley during the shoot near Columbia, Tenn.

Even though Worley had read director Shaun Silva’s video treatment, he acknowledged there was little he could do to prepare except to go back and listen to the record. “I’ve already changed certain things about the original performance. It’s hard to remember exactly what you sang or go back and do the exact same thing over again. So you have to kind of live with it a little bit and prepare in that way.”

Worley did admit to not sleeping much the night before the shoot. “I just get geared up, wired. I probably slept a couple of hours last night, and I think I slept maybe an hour on the bus driving over here this morning.”

This was the second video for Worley’s band, the Krew, having appeared in “Good Day to Run.” Worley was confident in their acting skills. “You don’t have to tell them anything. They’re all very creative people … they’re hams. They always come through in the clutch.” A few extra instruments were used in the video such as the washtub bass and spoons. “Mark Crum is a really great bass player, and he’s getting a kick out of that. Scott, my harmony singer, is playing the spoons.”

The video shoot provided a change of pace for Worley and his band. “It is a break from the normal routine because just about every day is a concert day nowadays. That’s not a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong. I thank the good Lord for that.”

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