WATCH: Old Dominion Highlight "What Really Happens Backstage"

The Nashville-based quintet highlights how they're passing time now that they have resumed touring

Not unlike what feels like the entirety of the country music industry, well-regarded Nashville-based vocal quintet Old Dominion are back on the road playing live events. Recently, via Instagram, the band highlighted how enjoyable returning to live events has been.

Old Dominion posted the video on Instagram with the caption: "What really happens backstage. #juggler #weareolddominion." Furthermore, the band jams and harmonizes to the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "I Won't Back Down," then guitarist Brad Tursi juggles a lemon and an apple. Fans were entertained, noting, "Woooooow, Brad's juggling skills are on point. 👏👏👏" Another commented, "That boy got talent 😁."

As well, in a recent Southern Living interview, Old Dominion's lead singer Matthew Ramsey spoke about the band's humble beginnings and songwriting skills that have allowed for tracks like "Some People Do" and "One Man Band" to achieve acclaim.

Regarding their hometown of Buchanan, Virginia, its relaxed nature clearly provided a precedent for the backstage vibes of their Instagram videos. "Buchanan is very storybook. Looks like it's out of a movie, just a quaint little town, lots of churches down the main street...I think, as a teenager, I thought it was a little boring. I always wanted bigger and more but I'm so happy that's where I grew up and I'm very proud of it," Ramsey noted.

As well, regarding the quintet's emotionally available songwriting process, Ramsey added, "the more you kind of go inward and explore your own feelings, it can be scary. But the more you kind of put that out there, usually those are the ones that really resonate with people because you're speaking to a true emotion that people know other people have but maybe don't know how to express."

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