'CMT Insider': Taylor Swift Is Obsessed About Her Role as Concert Headliner

She Talks About Launching Her Fearless Tour With 'CMT Insider' Host Katie Cook

For the past few years, Taylor Swift has connected with country fans as an opening act for big names like Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts and George Strait. This month, she embarked on her first headlining tour, complete with semi trucks and dancers. Just before taking the stage in Evansville, Ind., last week, Swift visited with CMT Insider host Katie Cook about her latest obsession.

Cook: This is so much to organize and so much to pull together, but I know you were born for this kind of work. Is it like a dream for you?

Swift: Yes, I'm pretty obsessed with it! My life these past couple of months has been completely circling around this tour. It's just all I think about. It's everything to me, and I'm so excited that we actually get to kick this thing off.

And it's so much your vision. How does it feel knowing that you're not warming up someone else's crowd now?

It's pretty awesome. It's insane to see the trucks pull in, and the trucks have pictures of me on them and not all the other people that I've been opening up for. Having all the buses out here and having all the control over what the backstage area looks like and getting to decide all this stuff to put this show together, I'm so excited!

It's kind of an awesome responsibility. You seem so cool about it.

It's a really, really great responsibility. For me, pressure really motivates me. It's something I really live for. It's the pressure of getting something ready on time, so that's been really fun for me -- to be down to the wire, making sure all the video content is right, making sure all the cues and the lighting cues and timing and the sound and everything is perfect. It's so fun for me.

I've heard you have six dancers?

We have six dancers with us.

Does this mean you're going to be dancing, too?

No! No! There's no choreography that's going to be going on here, but it's cool to have them to accent pieces like "Love Story," where they're completely decked out in period piece costumes. A lot of what we do onstage at this show is theatrical, so they play different parts and different characters, and it's really fun to make it more of a theatrical show.

I know you've got to keep some secrets, but can you tell me a little something about the stage itself?

The stage itself is giant. It's the first time anyone's ever really done this where the entire stage is projectable so it changes every single time we have a new song -- like the stage completely changes and you're seeing something completely different. ... We're going to have a constant flow of entertainment going on. My basic goal for this show is to make it a show and not just a concert and make something where everyone feels they walked out entertained.

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