Dierks Bentley's Video for "Gone" Isn't Just Another Day at 'The Office'

"It just always ends poorly for me in this video,” he says.

Well, Schrute. Looks like Dierks Bentley is back in the game with "Gone." But contrary to the song's storyline, he's giving the heartache tune a comical twist.

Bentley shot the clever music video for "Gone" in Nashville last month, yet its many inspirations stretch back decades. While he's flipping channels in his hotel room, looking more disheveled than we've ever seen him, he's realizing that the characters on screen look awfully familiar. But unlike every MacGyver episode, for example, the bomb actually goes off.

"It just always ends poorly for me in this video,” Bentley said. “I definitely had a lot more fun making it than it looks though…we got to film a bunch of scenes inspired by some of my favorite shows like The Office, MacGyver, Game of Thrones and Full House. And I got to collaborate with some new directors I’ve never worked with, so I left at the end of a really long day feeling really happy and inspired about a kind of sad song.”

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Written by Nicolle Galyon, Ben Johnson, and Niko Moon, "Gone" is the first single from Bentley's upcoming project. It follows three hit singles from his prior album, The Mountain: "Woman, Amen," "Burning Man," and "Living."

“When I used to write every song on every album, I was proud to be a songwriter. And then I realized when I was trying to find outside songs, that I wanted to be a good song picker,” Bentley said in October.

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“I used to be like, 'So it’s a hit song and you recorded it? What’s so hard about that?' But it is hard to find outside songs. Because if you didn’t write it, you don’t necessarily feel comfortable singing it," he added. "Like with 'Somewhere on a Beach.' I was like, 'Is this really me? I don’t know if this feels like me.' And now when I sing it, I’m like, 'This is totally me.'"

The music video for "Gone" was produced by Lora Criner, Angie Lorenz and J.R Wilson, directed by Wes Edwards, Ed Pryor, Travis Nicholson, Running Bear and Sam Siske with animation by Skylar Wilson.

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