Tyler Hubbard Shares Dale Carnegie Advice

After Social Media Cleanse and Back Surgery

It's a good thing Tyler Hubbard had his back surgery now instead of two weeks ago.

Because back on Nov. 11, the Florida Georgia Line singer had issued a challenge to his fans and followers to stay off social media for a week. "Let's all take the pressure of keeping up with the Instagram Jones's, and making sure we video every moment so we can 'story' it off of our shoulders for a week," Hubbard wrote. "This may not be easy at first, but I believe we can all completely get off social media for a week and possibly start a powerful movement that we may love more than we think. It's not forever so don't freak out... just a week y'all. Our career and businesses won't go under, or any other excuse we use to live way too much of our day on an app. Let's get our freedom back. Who's with me?"

Luckily, the surgery Hubbard needed for a herniated disc happened after the challenge was over, so he was free to share with everyone his post-op adventures in the hospital. He said in the Instagram post that he felt like he'd just had a whole bottle of Old Camp Whiskey, and that he was not looking forward to the boredom of his convalescence.

But he must be obeying doctor's orders, because it seems like he's catching up on some reading. Right after Thanksgiving, Hubbard posted a page on the value of a smile from Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends & Influence People.

"Good stuff," he wrote.

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