Priscilla Block's Debut EP Is Filled With "Sass, Trash, and Sad Songs"

The EP chronicles "the journey of someone falling apart to find themselves again and regain their confidence," says Block

In a recent interview with CMT's Cody Alan, the TikTok-popular North Carolina native and CMT Newt Women of Country 2021 class member Priscilla Block simultaneously celebrated a record deal, Grand Ole Opry debut, her just-released debut EP.

"I feel like this EP is me as a whole. It's got all kinds of all sides of me. I like to say 'sass, trash, and sad.' So there's some sassy, there's some trashy, there's some sad girl stuff on it too," she told Alan.

Songs like the new single "Wish You Were The Whiskey" tell what Block calls "the journey of someone falling apart to find themselves again and regain their confidence." Related to finding herself, Block is fond of describing a particular influence on discovering her best career path. To Taste of Country, Block says, "A huge reason why I moved to Nashville was because of Taylor Swift. I mean, her songs were the first ones that I learned on guitar [and were] why I wanted to write songs, why I wanted to do it."

Related to Swift, she continued by relating a story that changed her career:

Block was a new-to-Nashville 18-year-old girl working full-time at a yogurt shop and attending community college at night. Then, the universe sent Block a sign, just as she was headed from the yogurt shop to a nighttime class while wearing a Swift shirt. Swift happened to be driving by right at that moment.

"[Taylor] saw me walking across the street and pulled her car over and waved me down and was like, 'Hey, oh my gosh, I love your your T-shirt,'" Block says. "And it was -- I mean, it's absolutely crazy. And, I swear, I looked at her and I was just like, 'Thank you so much' -- like, 'Thank you from the bottom of my heart.'"

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