What's Next, Miranda Lambert?

"I'm Happy, Let's Move On"

If you're wondering how Miranda Lambert is doing after releasing her achingly honest diary of a double album, she's all good.

So good, in fact, that she says she is in absolute ass-kicking mode right now.

In a recent radio interview, Lambert said that she doesn't know exactly what is down the road for her, but she is ready for it. "I don't know when or what. I just feel this energy and this excitement about what's coming next," she said, adding that The Weight of These Wings was just the kind of therapy she needed. "It just almost honestly gave me more strength to go, 'Alright. I got through that. I'm happy, let's move on.'"

I sing (and write ....and drink) in the shower. #andsoitbegins #music #maybepistolannies #songstarts #acoustics

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And she might not be moving on exclusively as a solo artist. Pistol Annies -- the all-girl trio she formed with two artist friends Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley about seven years ago -- might become a priority again this year. It's a collaboration that even now, five years after their second album Annie Up, seems to come so naturally for the three singer-songwriters.

"Literally the other night I had a song that kind of just came out of the air to me, and I sent a verse and a chorus to the girls. And nobody said anything. Not, 'Hi, how you doing,'" she recalled. "Everybody's in different directions, which is always why Annies takes a while.

"I sent them half a song, and then within three minutes, I had a whole song. They both sent me a verse back. And I was, 'And, we're back."

Lambert, Monroe and Presley aren't promising anything specific, but they are planning to use 2018 to get some music written.

"We're very much in the spirit of the Annies right now," Lambert said.

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