Luke Combs' New Song "Joe" Tells a Story of Alcoholism Recovery

"I’ve had some friends go through some struggles, and I want them to know that’s ok too,” notes the "Forever After All" singer

In a recent appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, country superstar Luke Combs premiered "Joe," a song that, in telling one man's struggle with recovery from alcoholism, offered a note that may seem odd coming from the same man whose recent vocal output includes the Jameson Rodgers collaboration "Cold Beer Calling My Name."

“We do sing about drinking beer and having a good time all the time and I’ve had some friends go through some struggles with that and I want them to know that’s ok too,” Combs told Audacy Country's Coop in a just-released interview. “It’s ok to have a problem, it’s ok to get better, it’s ok to be trying to get better.”

“I’ve got some history of that kind of thing in my family and it’s something that I’m always cognizant of,” Combs added. “My friend Erik Dylan brought me a sketch out of that song and I was like, ‘Dude, I gotta be a part of this.' It’s so well-written and it just spoke to me on a personal level and I think it’s something that people should hear and people that are struggling with something like that need to know that’s alright and there is a light on the other side."

Unlike many country music stars front-loading dates for live-event starved fans ready for festivals in the heat of summer, Luke Combs is instead hitting the road starting on Sept. 4 at Kidd Brewer Stadium in Boone, NC. His events will feature a new, special in-the-round-stage design for his performances. Tickets for these dates are available by clicking here.

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