PREMIERE: Ashlie Amber's "Open" Is A "Free" and "Fun" Summer Anthem

The mohawked, edgy country performer is "edgy, but not too edgy, while giving the viewer some 'Country Vogue' realness"

"This video gives this song all the feels. It’s fun, free, and has summer written all over, which is exactly why I wrote the song," says Ashlie Amber about "Open," her latest single, which also has a new video attached.

Amber adds, "When I saw this video for the first time, I got a bit teary-eyed. My production team captured me and my brand so beautifully, and this video really shows the fun, fierce side of my personality." In the video's opening segment, Amber's seen posing in a way that offers her traditional rock-style energy, next to a cherry red Ford Mustang convertible. The image is iconic and direct. It's "edgy, but not too edgy, while giving the viewer some 'Country Vogue' realness," Amber exclaims.

Regarding how the song was written, the mohawked and Las Vegas-based country performer says that she wrote "Open" while I was in Nashville "because of an 'open' sign hanging above my bed in the Airbnb I was staying at." The serendipitous moment yields a vibe that the vocalist hopes makes her fans "feel happy and free to take that rewarding risk of being open to love."

About the video's shoot itself, Amber adds the following anecdote, which speaks directly to her tireless work ethic:

"I will never forget the opening scene [for "Open"'s video]. If you look really close, it’s a time-lapse. So to film that scene right at sunrise, I had to be on location at 6 am with hair and makeup ready to go and then hold the same position for 30 minutes while it was around 30 degrees outside. It was miserable but so worth it."

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