See the Tweet That Inspired Luke Combs’ New Song “We Still Drink Beer”

Combs is hard at work writing songs for album number three

Luke Combs has been hard at work on his third full-length album, and as a songwriter, he can take inspiration from just about anywhere—even a tweet from a fan.

A Combs superfan named Billy McKee shared a photo from his wedding on March 27, 2021, and tagged both Combs and Miller Lite.

The photo shows McKee down on one knee, with a Miller Lite box on his head. He is surrounded by his groomsmen, who are all sipping on Miller Lite beers.

“Man @MillerLite and @lukecombs if you guys don’t reply back to this photo I don’t even know what to say!! This was my wedding this Saturday March 27!”

“Hell yeah! My kinda folk. Congrats and drink another one for me," Combs replied to McKee.

Combs also did him one better. Not only did the “Forever After All” singer-songwriter reply to McKee, he shared a new song inspired by McKee’s post!

“Absolutely inspired this song…I know I have a lot of beer songs but here’s another one,” Combs said in a new video, before sharing an acoustic version of “We Still Drink Beer,” a musical allegiance to the alcoholic beverage.

’Til every last drop in the world is gone or the good Lord calls us home/Long as we’re down here/We still drink beer, Combs sings in the new tune.

McKee, of course, was floored by Combs’ response. “I can’t believe this just happened he is my f****** favorite country singer of all time!!!!”

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