Newcomer Chris Lane Makes Hometown Buddies Famous

"Broken Windshield View" Features People and Places in Kernersville, North Carolina

Ever heard of Kernersville, North Carolina?

I hadn't, either. But thanks to country newcomer Chris Lane, I now know all about this little gem of a small town -- his hometown -- now famous thanks to his music video for his debut single, "Broken Windshield View."

"It's still one of those places that you see anybody and everybody you know wherever you go eat, you know?" Lane says. "It's just a place that I love. It's just a really nice and neat little town."

Shot solely in Kernersville, Lane's debut video features all his buddies and a few locals, too.

"Most everybody in the video was somebody that I knew. That made it that much more exciting for me," Lane told me in our first-ever interview. "Because they're like, 'Well, do you want to have your friends be in this, or do we want to get a bunch of random people?' and I'm like 'Well, no, I would love to have my friends be a part of this. ... that was super special for me."

And obviously they were more than ready and willing to participate.

"They were so excited," he said. "As soon as the video came out on CMT, I received so many calls and tweets and posts about how pumped everybody was."

Although it was his first official music video, it certainly wasn't his first time on camera as an artist. Early on in his career, he tried his hand at making his own music videos. While he says we'd all "get a kick out of them," he added, "but you have to start somewhere."

One thing that didn't change was the time and effort it takes to shoot a music video.

"There was more sitting around waiting to do shots than there actually was doing shots," he said. "That was something that I had to get used to, but it was still a fun process. And like I said, just having my friends be a part of it made it that much more special."

I hate to tell his pals, but they might not be the starring attraction of the video. That charmingly busted-up bronze Chevy truck with the ceiling falling out might just be the video's most significant character.

"My dad still uses that truck," Lane said. "That was my work truck my whole life, basically. It had a huge crack across the windshield then. It still does now. When they saw that truck, they were like, 'This is the one we have to use.' It was actually broken down at the time, and my dad was out there trying to fix it before I jumped in it. He was like, 'You ain't gonna make it far in this thing.'"

Hopefully, he'll have more reliable transportation when he hits the road during Jerrod Niemann's Get Your Buzz Back tour kicking off Oct. 24 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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