Does Miranda Lambert's Picture Paint a Thousand Words?

Or Does She Just Like Singing with Her Boyfriend?

Late on Wednesday night (March 15), Miranda Lambert posted a picture from one of her shows down south.

And maybe I am reading too much into it, but it seemed like a very intimate picture to be sharing with her fans.

It's Lambert and her boyfriend Anderson East, who has been popping up at her shows here and there. The two singers performed a a cover of the Faces' 1971 "Stay With Me" -- a song that's been a staple in Lambert's set list forever -- on Sunday night in Louisiana.

And while fans were tweeting and snapchatting and sharing that video, Lambert herself hadn't posted anything until now.

The brand new picture she shared shows them in some kind of close-knit stage embrace, and Lambert is kissing East lovingly on the cheek (The best part is that it was shot from the back of the stage, so in the background you can see the fans watching the love unfold).

"'For tonight you're gonna stay with me'- Rod Stewart. #highwayvagabondtour #weshouldbefriends #weshouldbefringe #texasbama," Lambert wrote.

This photo might mean nothing other than the fact that they like hanging out on the road and occasionally singing together. Or it could be some kind of foreshadowing of what's to come: More duets? More togetherness? More happily ever after?

Lambert has six more tour dates when East could potentially join her, before his own string of dates start up April 22.

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