'Nashville': The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 4

Breakups and Makeups

We laughed. We cried. We sang. And then we hit rewind and did it all again because it was just that good.

Now that we've had some time to process it, let's chat about Thursday's (Jan. 19) new episode of Nashville.

Juliette tried to walk.

Her physical therapist warned her she wasn't ready, but Juliette has never been one to back down from a challenge. However, she definitely didn't expect her first attempt to walk to trigger a traumatic flashback to her plane crash, and neither did we! We hope she's able to work through this.

The Exes melted our hearts at the Bluebird.

We also spied Nashville's real Mayor Megan Barry in the crowd, sitting with Deacon, Rayna, and tech millionare Zach Welles. We're still not so sure about that guy, though.

Avery finally said what he was thinking.

Which was basically the same thing we were all thinking. We know Juliette is going through a hard time, but she seems to be taking it all out on Avery. We just want these two to be happy.

Rayna got a letter in the mail.

Complete with rose petals and a very creepy declaration of love. The only thing the letter was missing? A stamp. How did it get there?

Will and Kevin called it quits.

It was heartbreaking, but we're glad Will was finally honest with Kevin about how he was feeling. When it's not right, you just know.

Javery finally reunited.

All we can say is: It's about time.

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