CMT Roundup: Sam Williams, Kylie Morgan and Corey Kent and More Release New Music

Listen to CMT's new music playlist Roundup posted in this article.

Sam Williams, Kylie Morgan and Corey Kent are among the artists ushering in pumpkin season with new music. Other artists on the playlist include Calista Clark, HARDY, Walker Hayes and Zach Bryan. Scroll down to see the full list.

Sam Williams, “Tilted Crown”: Sam Williams leans into the blessing and curse of his family name with new song “Tilted Crown.”

Lyrics include:

Oh, the grace and the shame that came with the name| That I got handed down|Keep me walking around|'Til the trumpets sound|Halo holding up my tilted crown

“The first verse of ‘Tilted Crown’ was a poem that I had been writing, and I had just run into a dead end with it,” Williams said in a press release. “I just knew that I had to take that and transform it into song. It’s kind of if everyone's life was royal or medieval or however you want to explain it and the things that were happening to me in that phase of my life.”

Williams said he felt like he was losing things and that God kept taking them from him.

“I was in this position of a war with my life,” he said. “I think it's about carrying your legacy, and I don’t just mean my legacy in music. I mean everyone's legacy and living that out the best way possible with everything you face in this life.”

Williams' "Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown," a deluxe version of his celebrated debut "Glasshouse Children" is out now. The expanded edition features six new tracks.

Kylie Morgan, “Good Hands”: Fast-rising country star Kylie Morgan just released the ultimate father-daughter dance song, “Good Hands.” The robust artist co-wrote the heartwarming tribute to her old man alongside critically acclaimed songsmiths Ben Johnson and Emily Shackelton. Although “Good Hands” follows her viral hit “Bridesmaids,” she believes the ballad is the “best song” she has ever penned thus far. The full-set orchestra paired with the soft sound of the piano, sonically drives the melody and places emphasis on her angelic vocals.

“I’m in good hands when he’s holdin on to mine | I know who I am when I look in his eyes | And he only sees the best in me, even when it’s hard to find | He’s a good man | I’m in god hands,” delivers Morgan. “Daddy, you’ll grow to love him because I do | And I know you’re only worried ‘cause he’s just like you | You taught me what I’m worth and I’d never settle for any less | When we dance at night in the kitchen | I believe him when he says.”

The vulnerable track is destined to be the wedding song of the year, as Morgan’s impressive knack for songwriting shines through. “Good Hands” lives on her recently released EP “Songs To Say I Do,” a five-song collection inspired by her upcoming nuptials.

Corey Kent, “How You Know You Made It”: Emerging new artist Corey Kent is counting his blessings in “How You Know You Made It.” On the heels of his career-altering single “Wild As Her,” Kent teamed up with AJ Prunis, Smith Ahnquist, and producer Jay Joyce to cultivate the powerful track about slowing down and embracing the simple things in life. Kent’s gritty vocals are placed on full display and backed by electrifying guitar riffs that are too contagious to overlook.

“So I’m takin’ in the moment | And watchin’ that red sunset fadin’ | I’m already holdin’ That dream that I’ve been chasin’ | Wall Street can keep the money|Hollywood can have the famous,” Kent belts with emotion in his voice. “I’ve got a house that’s home | I’ve got a can that’s cold | I’ve got a hand to hold |That’s how you know you made it | Yeah, you made it.”

The eye-opening melody conveys Kent’s personal journey in a nutshell, but touches upon a situation that many musicians tend to struggle with. The relatable storyline intertwined with the exhilarating instrumentals, will become a fan favorite in no time.

“I spent years trying to ‘make it in the music industry. Trying to make a name for myself. Trying to make a dollar. I was newly married to my wife, just had our first baby girl, and I was more focused on providing for her than being there for her,” shared Kent. “I took for granted the things in life that really mattered. I was so busy chasing a dream that I couldn’t see that I had THE DREAM right in front of me the whole time.”

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