Old Dominion Bring Girl Power to New Music Video

ACM Winners Surprise Fans in Heartwarming “Be With Me”

When you hear Old Dominion's newest single "Be With Me," it's easy to get caught up in the groovy beat and uplifting, hooky chorus, but the song is more than just a feel-good jam. And the deeper meaning is a very important one for all the ladies out there.

"We've talked about that song -- about it being on the surface and just being kind of a lighthearted song -- but it does have this kind of undertone of girl power to it," the group's Matt Ramsey told

So when it came time to shoot a video for the single, the guys wanted to bring the female empowerment elements front and center.

"A lot of us have daughters," Ramsey said. "I think that's kind of an important message that we would like them to take away from it. So our director Steve Condon took that idea and ran with it and surprised us."

In the video, we see ladies of all ages and backgrounds coming out to audition for a chance to star in the video -- or so they thought. Sneaky Old Dominion pulled a fast one on them by using the audition footage in the final video.

The result is a real conversation with women and girls that will warm your heart, enlighten you and maybe even bring a few tears.

In the end, the guys themselves would get a big surprise, too, with four special cameo appearances by very special women in their lives.

"We didn't know that behind our backs, he filmed our mothers," Ramsey revealed. "It was cool. When we finally saw the finished product, it was very exciting to us all."

Be with Me by Old Dominion on VEVO.

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