Brad Paisley Has the Last Word on "Anything Like Me"

Back in August, I blogged that whenever I heard Brad Paisley's "Anything Like Me," I cried. Not just eyes watering, but full-on sobbing. But when I heard it on the radio a couple times last week, guess what? I didn't shed a single tear. Is my heart finally hardening, I wondered. Am I finally immune to the sentimental themes of country music? Then I realized what was missing. Huck Paisley. On the record, at the very end of the song, the elder Paisley sings that "He'll be alright, if he's anything like ... " and his son Huck, who was 2, finished the line with a quiet "me." But on the radio, Huck's gone. I love Brad Paisley's voice, but just miss that little boy at the end. I've tried to find out why Huck's final word is gone, but don't have an official answer yet. Maybe Huck's lawyer got involved and found that radio spins were not in his contract? Or maybe it made listeners too weepy and they banded together to force a different ending? If you have any theories, preposterous or otherwise, please post them here so we can get to the bottom of this.

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