Maren Morris: The ACM Before & After

The Move from Fan to Nominee

Last year, Maren Morris just felt like a fan.

"I remember sitting in the audience and I was with my boyfriend, Ryan Hurd," Morris told the Academy of Country Music.

"We were just in awe of everything that goes into those shows, and just how cool it was to see all these songs representing in a visual way," she said.

Morris says her favorite part if the ACM Awards is the performances. Obviously.

"I think it's so cool, in a really high energy live setting, to see incredible artists bring their art to the masses in such a tight space. It's harder than it looks. I've learned over the past few award shows how to make it look larger than life through a TV set," she said.

At the 2016 ACM Awards, Morris followed Dolly Parton on the red carpet, and that made for a very special memory.

"Last year was my first ever red carpet, and I was behind Dolly Parton the whole carpet. So I was just sort of looking at how cute and tiny she was," she said.

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