Ty Herndon Talks Secrets, Crystal Meth Addiction and Nearly Dying Ahead of "Jacob" Release

Ty Herndon's new album "Jacob," which he named after Jacob in the Bible, will be out July 15.

Ty Herndon is done with secrets – and crystal meth.

He's so sure of it that he named his upcoming album "Jacob," after a biblical character he says "took his biggest challenge and made it his biggest blessing."

At 60 years old, nearly three decades since his breakthrough success with "What Mattered Most," Herndon told People about his struggle to make it in country music as a gay man living a lie – and his battle to stay sober.

When Herndon was 33 years old, he was arrested in Dallas for exposing himself to an undercover police officer. He was at the peak of his career and had been awake for days on crystal meth.

"I'll be honest," the singer told People. "Euphoria, drugs, feeling confident that maybe one of these handsome people running around there might know who I am."

Then he was arrested.

The singer remembers thinking: "I'm dead. But at least I'll be out of this hell, just as my dreams are coming true. I was so tired of all the secrets."

And even that wasn't rock bottom. Herndon says that came on New Year's Eve 2020. He told People he had 27 Ambien pills in his hand, had relapsed on crystal meth, and had been awake for four days.

"The windows were duct-taped," he said. "There was not a stitch of daylight in my apartment. I was right over there, on the floor. I was at peace. I was so calm."

At that point, Herndon had charted five no. 1 songs, had had two wives, lived with three men, revealed his sexuality, fought a crystal meth addiction for almost 30 years and relapsed three times. He told People he didn't know how he didn't take the Ambien, and he swears he didn't make the call from the phone to his friend. Herndon credits angels for that. Herndon says he went back into treatment and dealt with his addiction, sexual trauma and mental illness. That was a year and a half ago. He's now happy and ready to share his new "Jacob " album on July 15.

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