CMT Premiere: Vince Gill Releases Remastered Video of "Someday" In Honor of 20th Anniversary of "Next Big Thing"

Vince Gill’s 11th album, “Next Big Thing,” notches its 20th anniversary this week.

Vince Gill’s 11th album, “Next Big Thing,” notches its 20th anniversary this week. In celebration of the milestone, the music video from one of the album’s singles, “Someday,” was remastered in HD.

In a recent call with CMT, Gill said he didn’t remember much about filming the music video two decades ago other than he was “panicked to wear white pants.”

“I must have really been skinny,” he quipped, laughing.

Gill said the “Someday” video was filmed at Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art in Nashville, Tennessee, and that he just “walked around and sang and let people do what they do.”

He makes it sound easy, but in reality, he finds being in front of a video camera uncomfortable.

“It’s never been a lot of fun to me to make music videos,” he said. “It was tedious. I like people to hear the song and paint a picture other than having it spelled out for them.”

Gill wrote “Someday” with Richard Marx. Gill revered Marx’s talent and remembered he heard him sing for the first time in Los Angeles. He described Marx as a “great ballad writer” and recalled that radio executives loved “Someday” and swore it would be a hit. As a result, Gill’s record label released “Someday” to radio. However, the Country Music Hall of Famer explained the song came out when radio “was breaking away from playing my records.”

“I knew it was coming,” he said. “Radio wanted ‘Someday,’ but then nothing happened. I knew it was coming because the record prior wasn’t (supported in the way) it had been.”

Gill is still immensely proud of “Next Big Thing” because it’s the first album he self-produced. He said he thinks a “producer should be called a reducer.”

“They should just leave what’s there and get out of your own way,” he said. “It’s hard. You have to serve the song.”

While Gill is celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Next Big Thing,” he’s also got his eye on his next albums. He just recorded a new project with Paul Franklin, and he finished 30 songs in two weeks for a separate record.

“It’s the wild west out there these days,” Gill said. “It’s the most fun I could ever hope to have. My heart and my ears don’t lie to me; I feel like the songs I write today are better than ever. I feel like I play better, write better, and sing better.”

CMT Giants: Vince Gill - Show NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 16: In this image released on September 16, Honoree Vince Gill performs onstage for CMT Giants: Vince Gill at The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gill said he’s doing it for himself, and "I kind of always have.” He’d like to sing “I Still Believe In You” over again because he thinks he’s a better singer now. He also just wrote a new third verse for “Go Rest High On That Mountain.”

“You get more perspective as you get older,” Gill said. “It’s why you get better.”

Gill, who also plays with The Eagles, said a producer once told him to play “half of what he knows.”

“You go from wanting to show people what you can do to wanting to move people with what you can do,” Gill said.

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