Morgan Wallen Releases Two Bonus Songs Attached to Sophomore Album "Dangerous"

With the new singles, the leading country artist continues his run of groundbreaking success

Fresh from a return to live concert performing at The Ryman after a ten-month layoff, Morgan Wallen has treated his eager fanbase to a few new singles attached to Dangerous, his successful double-album release. Noting via Instagram that he'd "run out of patience," new singles "This Side Of A Dust Cloud" and "Bandaid On A Bullet Hole," as well as an acoustic version of “Sand In My Boots (The Dangerous Sessions),” are as much new music as they are reflective of a performer who, like all of us, is feeling the effects of wanting more to do in quarantine.

Impressively, Wallen's music is likely moving more out in the world than he is these days.

Dangerous has achieved groundbreaking number-one status by being the first album in six years to top Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart. Plus, in sitting atop Rolling Stone’s Top 200 Albums chart, it's the first country album in history to lead that chart for two consecutive weeks.

Currently, Wallen's excelling in other charts, too. Dangerous' "Wasted on You" and "Somebody's Problem" are in the top 200 songs streamed on Spotify. Furthermore, "Still Going Down," "Cover Me Up," and "Living The Dream" join the previously mentioned "Somebody's Problem" as the four tracks he currently has listed in Billboard's pop Hot 100. This success follows 2020, wherein he placed five singles onto the same countdown in the second half of the year.

Namely, a song like the sorrowful and heartbroken piano ballad "Bandaid On A Bullet Hole" would point to Wallen extending his impressively successful run.

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