Seven Quotes From Miranda Lambert's Cut-by-Cut

You can usually really get to know someone by what they say in their cut-by-cut -- a list record labels provide the media with a short descriptive paragraph about each song on a particular album.

Those insights are even greater when the artist is Miranda Lambert, who always tells it like it is and never ever gives cookie cutter answers.

Her latest album Platinum is no exception. I've been living with the music now for a couple of months, and I've realized that I love hearing what Lambert has to say about her songs almost as much as I love the songs themselves.

These are my seven favorite quotes from her cut-by-cut:

1. "I'm obsessed with Little Big Town." That's how Lambert starts her description of "Smokin' and Drinkin'," the song she sings with the country quartet. She adds, "This song makes me wish I partied more in high school."

2. "First of all, I'm pissed that I didn't think to write this song." About the song "Girls."

3. "What's your plan for 'Little Red Wagon'? Can I cut it? Can I even try to be a hair on the ass of how you did it?" That's what Lambert says she asked Audra Mae, who co-wrote and sings the tune Lambert covers on her album.

4. "It's such a fun way to say it's all a bunch of bullshit." The message Lambert says is at the heart of her "Priscilla."

5. "I just buy a bunch of old shit that I don't need for a house I'm gonna build one day that I don't have yet." It's why Lambert says she connects with the song "Old Shit" and how she visits the flea market in Round Top, Texas, every year.

6. "I want to go to Gruene Hall (the historic dancehall in New Braunfels, Texas), grab me a Bud Light Platinum, sit on a stool and play this song." That's how much Lambert loves her "Hard Staying Sober."

7. "They're the most talented people in the whole world, in one band. It's ridiculous." On Lambert's "All That's Left," which she calls one of her favorites on the album, and why she had the Time Jumpers -- who originally recorded it -- back her on it.

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