Kenny Chesney Insists on Proving Himself Every Day

Imagine you're Kenny Chesney. And you've been a superstar for more than a decade. And every time you're interviewed, you're asked the same old questions over and over. What's life on the road like? Which artists inspired you? Blah blah blah. But this woman at CNN asked Chesney some fresh questions. And he had some interesting answers. Yes, his shows had become mechanical. No, he never really stopped working. Yes, he's going to tour pretty hard next year. And yes, he's OK with the inconveniences of fame because he loves what he gets to do for a living. My favorite part, though, is at the very end, when CNN asks Chesney if he still feels like he has something to prove out there. "Every day, every night. Always got something to prove," Chesney says. "Every day."

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